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SCAN M100BT 1D Laser Mini Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner Barcode Reader for IOS Android Windows Smartphone Pad tablet

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Item specifics
  • Colour Depth: 32 Bit
  • Model Number: M100BT
  • Scanning Light Source: Natural Light+LED
  • Product Type: Portable Scanner
  • Scan Speed: 100 scans/second
  • Max Paper Size: other
  • Type: Barcode Scanner
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Novelty: New
  • Scan Element Type: Laser
  • Optical Resolution: 4mil
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth& USB


 It can scan 1D barcode into your smartphone via Bluetooth, such as IOS Phone, Tablet and all kinds of android smartphone. By using GS M100BT barcode scan jacket, you do not need to buy expensive, heavy PDA anymore! 1D Bluetooth barcode scan jacket GS-M100BT is an easy to use, lightweight, and high performing barcode reader, it has dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit.

1D-mini-Bluetooth-wireless-handfree-barcode scanner-reader-M100BT (5)

GS-M100BT provides two accessories. One is mobile phone adapter. This adapter can stick on the back of your mobile phone protection case with 3M adhesive tape. You can attach GS-M100BT barcode scanner on the adapter.

So you can handle with barcode scanner with mobile phone with one hand

1D-mini-Bluetooth-wireless-handfree-barcode scanner-reader-M100BT (12)


Another is handheld grip. You can plug the GS-M100BT input handheld grip via Micro USB plug mount in the handheld grip. There is 800 MA rechargeable battery in the hand holder, it can provide enough power supply for GS-M100BT.On the end of handheld adapter, there is standard RJ45-USB cable for you connect with PC. This cable can recharge for GS-M100BT and transfer data to PC. 


Mini Bluetooth Reader Tiny Wireless Barcode Scanner



The Mini Bluetooth Barcode Scanner GS M100BT have two types, which with HID model is designed for iOS phone and PAD. It doesn’t need install any driver or software to scan barcode into IOS Phone just pairing Bluetooth one time. GS M100BT can also connect android device with 4.0 or above.


1D-mini-Bluetooth-wireless-handfree-barcode scanner-reader-M100BT (15)


And with SPP mode, you can connect with all Android and Tablet platform. User only need simple install Generalscan Bluetooth IME input driver, then your application can get barcode scanner data from Generalscan Bluetooth IME input. You do not need care about complex Bluetooth programming technic any more.


1D-mini-Bluetooth-wireless-handfree-barcode scanner-reader-M100BT (3)











iCloudscan Bluetooth Barcode Scanner can replace the PDA in the area of mobile scanning application such as Express logistics, Warehousing, Freight forwarding product Barcode trace ability, Asset management, Shopping mall and Super market.   


Mini Bluetooth Reader Tiny Wireless Barcode Scanner 01



Packaging & Shipping






1: Barcode Scanner is free guaranteed for one year: 3 months for free replacement, other 9 months for free       maintenance. If there is     any problem, we pay for the freight charge for return and replacement;

2.USB Cable warranty is 3 months for free replacement, Batteery Warranty is 6 months  for free replacement;

3: Offer lifetime maintenance 


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