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2.1 m carbon road Advanced spinning wheels Rod Comb

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Item specifics

  • Fishing Rod Included:Yes
  • Position:Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,River,Reservoir Pond,Stream
  • line Spool Material:Stainless Steel
  • length:2.1 m
  • Fishing Type:Fly Fishing
  • Main Parts:Rod+Reel

Product Description

Imported carbon fishing rod production, ideal for professional athletes to use lures, fishing rod with piano paint is imported paint smooth and delicate rod exquisite high road by enthusiasts like Asia
Fishing rod handle with imitation wood handle design this is the most popular design style itself back fishing
1 road sub rod insertion section 2
  Pole grip slightly Section 108cm 111cm
2 full-length rod 210 CM
3 using fishing rod superhard carbon ultralight production
4 fishing rod grip plating using a molding027920730278207520762077Low-Profile Reel

1, one-way bearing configuration, 0.2, instantaneous inverse stop system. 3, high speed ratio 6.3:1. 4, can be precisely adjusted magnetic braking systems. 5, is convenient to disassemble left cover 6, easy to operate the clutch button 7. High strength gear materials. 8, comfortable hand balances to 9, bearing number: 10 8+1. metal line cup. 11, imported high-quality stainless steel bearings.

Volume: 0.28mm/120 0.3mm/100 0.26mm/15020780277208020812082

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